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(a) Threat of New Entrants and Substitutes for Tesco Essays

(a) Threat of New Entrants and Substitutes for Tesco Essays (a) Threat of New Entrants and Substitutes for Tesco Essay (a) Threat of New Entrants and Substitutes for Tesco Essay Introduction: This individual assignment will be assessed by means of a 3,500 Â ± 10% word Report. The assignment has been designed to allow you to develop and use your knowledge and skills in understanding key strategic issues relating to food retail internationalisation. You will be required to apply the strategic concepts and analytical techniques studied in this module. All the learning outcomes below will be assessed: 1. Demonstrate critical understanding and application of relevant theories associated with global corporate policies and strategies. 2. Understand the holistic nature of strategy and apply analytical techniques to solve complex problems in real life organizations 3. Demonstrate knowledge of the strategic decision making process through critical analysis of how strategic decision making enables an organisation to relate to its global business environment. 4. Critically evaluate and monitor the business mission, objectives and policies of international organisations. 5. Use critical reflective skills to reflect on the impact of their understanding on the problem solving process The assignment will be internally moderated by: John Dixon-Dawson Please note: 1. All work must adhere to the University regulations on ‘Cheating, Collusion and Plagiarism’ which are provided as an Appendix in your Programme handbook. See your tutor for useful guide on ‘Harvard Referencing Style’ and on how to avoid ‘Plagiarism’. 2. A hard copy and an electronic copy on DVD or CD of the assignment must be handed to your Study Centre on or before the appointed date under cover of the Sunderland Business School Feedback Sheet. Please include/attach a Turnitin Report if possible. 3. Issue Date: Wednesday, 25 May 2011 4. Submission Date: Friday 19th August 2011 Task Your task is to carry out a critical analysis and evaluation of the strategies adopted by world-class food retailers, using the information provided and other materials researched. You will be expected to select and apply appropriate theories, techniques and models studied during the module whilst having regard to the practical aspects of strategy development. Your assignment should be presented in a Business Report Format and should be within the range 3,500 Â ± 10% words (excluding executive summary, references and relevant appendices). The report should include a title page and executive summary and be fully and consistently referenced, using Harvard Referencing style. You must also submit a DVD or CD containing an electronic version of the report. This should be clearly labelled with your name, your course and the name of the case study. It is recommended that you research information additional to the case study to support your arguments. This may be obtained from a diverse range of sources and you are encouraged to research the issues in whichever way you deem appropriate. Assessment Criteria In the event of failing this individual assignment, normal referral / deferral procedures will apply. This assignment carries a weighting of 100%. The assessment will focus on the level of ANALYSIS carried out. That is, the application of THEORETICAL CONCEPTS studied in the module to the ‘practical’ case study presented. In other words, you should proceed beyond a DESCRIPTION of the company and its actions. You should be analysing ‘why’ rather than describing ‘what’. The assignment will be assessed and moderated by two members of staff in accordance with the marks allocated to each of the questions detailed below. 0% of the marks are set aside for the ‘presentation’ criteria. Academic Rigour your ability to isolate the key strategic issues the coherence and depth of the analysis of those issues the ability to analyse the strategy context within which companies operate the ability to critically review and evaluate strategic decis ions made by companies Methodology the use of relevant evidence, from material provided and personal research to support any statements made the appropriateness of the methods used and theoretical models and frameworks applied the breadth and depth of research undertaken Evaluation of data the ability to make sound recommendations or conclusions arising from the analysis the soundness of arguments put forward Presentation the summary of arguments report layout and format use of illustrative material and evidence to support arguments the appropriateness of length the quantity and accuracy of referencing |The Global Food Retail Supermarket Industry | The entire global food industry, from growing to processing to retailing, is an extremely competitive industry where profit margins have become so low that it is often challenging to maintain profitability (www. plunkettresearch. com/Industries/ ). The global food retailing industry is a complex collection of diverse supermarket chains, independent food stores, and direct-to-consumer services that supply much of the food consumed today. The supermarket and hypermarkets are where tens of thousands of products are gathered in one location, in continuous, year-round supply. Global food retail sales are about $4 trillion annually, with supermarkets and hypermarkets accounting for the largest share of sales (www. ers. usda. gov/). At present vast changes are sweeping through the industry as major supermarkets such as Safeway and Kroger cut prices and lower operating costs dramatically, while others are being sold to private investors. (www. plunkettresearch. com ; www. ers. usda. gov/). |Question One: | Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrison are among the top UK food retailers. Using examples from any TWO of these five food retailers, critically examine the main arguments for and against ‘globalization’ in the food retail industry in terms of: a) Threat of New Entrants and Substitutes, and b) Bargaining power of suppliers and buyers. Your answer should be based on critical analysis of developments in the global food retail supermarket industry over the past 12-18 months. [30 % marks] |Question Two: | Globalisation of food retail is not an emerging or imminent strategy, but a current focus for many food retailers. Established supermarket retailers recognise that with domestic organic growth becoming more difficult to sustain in mature markets, expansion into new markets is a necessary step towards securing future profitability. Critically evaluate the global food retail market dynamics since the year 2000 in the context of the above statement and discuss how Tesco continues to invest into food retail facilities in order to secure future profitability, with particular focus on their innovation food retail formats. 30% marks] |Question Three: | Using relevant leadership and management theories, discuss the ability of David Reid the current Chairman of Tesco PLC to transform Tesco into a diverse international business for long-term growth by the year 2015. You are expected to use relevant data/information from Annual Reports on Tesco’s website (,http://ar2010. tescoplc. com/~ /media/Files/T/Tesco-Annual-Report-2009/Attachments/pdf/tesco-annualreport. df) and your own understanding of the approach to strategy development at Tesco since 2005. [30 % marks] Note: 10% marks is allocated for presentation Suggested Reading: Textbooks: De Wit, B. and Meyer, R. (2004) Strategy Process, Content, and Context International Perspective, 3rd Edition, Thomson Learning Johnson, G. , Scholes, K. and Whittington, R. (2005) Exploring Corporate Strategy: Text and Cases, 7th Edition, Financial Times Prentice Hall. Lynch, R. (2006) Corporate Strategy, Fourth Edition, Financial Times Prentice Hall. Mintzberg, H. , Ahlstrand, B. and Lampel, J. (1998) Strategy Safari, Financial Times Prentice Hall Websites PDF documents: www. economist. com The Economist www. ers. usda. gov/Briefing/GlobalFoodMarkets/Industry Global Food Markets: Industry Structure www. ft. com The Financial Times www. plunkettresearch. com/Industries/ Plunket Research www. tesco. com/ Tesco Food Retail http://ar2010. tescoplc. com/~/media/Files/T/Tesco-Annual-Report-2009/Attachments/pdf/tesco-annualreport. pdf Tesco PLC Individual Assignment Case Study – Strategy Development in the Global Food Retail Supermarket Industry Module Leader: Dr. Augustus Osseo-Asare Submission Date: Friday 19th August 2011 Word Count: 3,500 words

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Compare and Contrast Research Methods Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 4

Compare and Contrast Research Methods - Essay Example It is argued that unstructured interviews are best in gathering information on social situations as they allow the interviewer to be natural and thus encourage the interviewee’s participation. Focus group is another approach of collecting qualitative data. This is a carefully planned discussion tailored to obtain perceptions on a specific topic or area of interest. The process of information gathering under this method involves the moderator who controls the debate and initiates discussion topics, the note-taker, and the participants (Boeije, 2010). Focus group has almost the same merits with the interviewing method. It generates results at a relatively fast rate, has a high face validity and allows the moderator (who assumes an almost similar role as the interviewer) to explore unanticipated issues. However, this method has its fair share of demerits; the main ones are that it has less experimental control, requires a well trained interviewer and it maybe difficult setting up the group (Rubin & Babbie, 2010). Participant observation requires that the researcher becomes a part and parcel of the group under observation. This approach requires a lot of patience and may sometimes require months or years of observation. This is because the researcher has to be accepted and become a natural part of the group being observed. It is only by achieving this cohesiveness that one can ascertain gathered data as of natural phenomenon (Delamont & Jones, 2012). If successfully carried out, this method represents the best approach in gathering data on a natural phenomenon as there is absolutely no chance of manipulation or influence. The major disadvantage with this approach is that it may take the researcher a long time to gather data. Additionally, it is at times not possible to record all data as the researcher may loose focus as he assumes the same natural roles as the focus group (Holloway, Wheeler & Holloway, 2010). Ethnography is the study of social interactions, behaviors and perceptions that take place within social groupings. This approach is said to have grown from anthropological studies that focused on small cultural groupings in the early 20th century. Under ethnographical studies, the researcher becomes an active participant and takes extensive notes (DeWalt & DeWalt, 2011). Participant observation, discussed earlier, is considered an approach under ethnographical approaches. This is mainly because it entails a researcher assuming the role of participant as they go on with their duty of data gathering and data recording. Ethnographical approaches allow for gathering richly detailed data and also provide the researcher with a chance to participate in unscheduled events (Thomas, Nelson & Silverman, 2011). The downside of ethnographical approaches is that the researcher may ignore activities that happen out of the public eye and he may also be tempted to rely on information provided by a few key informants. Consequently, reliance on in formants permeates bias as these may not have the objectivity while reporting on the social context. Biographical research is the compilation and analysis of an intensive report detailing an entire life or a part of life, through an in-depth, unstructured

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History of pencil Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

History of pencil - Essay Example The pencil did not appear until the Middle Ages, before that the majority of writing that was done was chiseled or etched into stone and later the Egyptians and Romans would introduce the stylus. The stylus was a thinned piece of lead that would leave light, but readable, marks on papyrus, an early precursor to paper (Pencil History, 2014).However, the fact, is that the grounds for the modern pencil was actually discovered by accident. As stated previously lead stylus were used to write, but in 1564 that would change. A new material, thought to be lead, which would be name graphite, was discovered in Borrowdale, England. Immediately it was noticed that it left dark black marks on the land. Many experts feel that this may have been discovered earlier by the Aztecs, as well. This black lead is, in fact, graphite, which is not a form of lead at all (Pencil History, 2014).The first graphite pencils were simply shards of graphite that were wrapped in cloth or string; ideally to keep the hands clean. The development of pencils began in Europe, particularly in Germany, which was the location of the first massed produced pencil industry in 1662 (Pencil History, 2014).Of course, these pencils did not look quite like the pencils of today. In fact these earliest pencils were not painted at all. However, it was a man named Nicholas-Jacques Conte, scientist in Napoleon’s forces, in 1795, who is credited with the inventi ng of the modern pencil (Popova). It was the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century that spawned the first pencil product war. Different manufacturers were determined to highlight their products from those of others. This is when colors were added to identify different pencils from different companies. In the United States at this time is when erasers were conveniently added to one end of the pencil. However, to this day the majority of pencils sold in the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe do not have and never have had

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World Politics ``The War Against Terrorism`` Essay Example for Free

World Politics The War Against Terrorism Essay Introduction The contemporary world of politics is heading with a fear of terrorism that stood as a hindrance for undertaking any developmental or prosperous strategies that helps to stabilize a nation’s economy or social status.   In fact, the world economy is shrinking with these negative forces causing catastrophes and striking innocent people. There is a deep impact on social justice, political chaos,   infrastructure of public property and loss of millions of dollars at the expense of terrorist networks and pre-conspired evil schemes. Some of the questions that arise in the minds of civilians are : why does terrorists attack in public places ? what do they need?   where from the hour of help is descending for needy? which is that religion and who is that God who prostrates terrorism? From the year 2001, beginning from U.S., terrorists have been continuously attacking time and again, some of the major cities across the world   for various reasons best known to terrorist networks causing aggravation to millions of middle class and poor people. There were bombings in trains, buses, cabs and public pavements causing loss of lives for which no reason is attached hitherto. The continuance of such sorry state of affairs is truly unpardonable which declares that these criminal mindsets have to be brought to justice under international court of law to declare that such international violations of peace, law and order deserve a greater punishment as it is   a serious violation of human rights and no crime is above the law. In every part of the world, there are internal extreme forces which in order to cause political confusion   and to compel the government to meet the demands, step on to terrorize people and target these innocent civilians. Whether external or internal, the motives of terrorists are all the same to achieve anything   i.e. targeting civilians which is immoral, unethical and undemocratic. What is terror? The definition of terror given by web world is panic: an overwhelming feeling of fear and anxiety a person who inspires fear or dead ; â€Å" he was the terror of the neighborhood† a very troublesome child. Although there are no standard definitions recorded for terror or terrorism, each nation has been giving definitions in its own terms and point of views. For instance American definition of terrorism is laid in Title 22 of the U.S. code as â€Å"premeditated, politically motivated violence†. A well known Iranian scholar Tashkiri has defined terrorism as â€Å"Terrorism is an act carried out to achieve an inhuman and corrupt objective and involving threat to security of any kind, and in violation of the rights acknowledged by religion and mankind.† Contradictorily, â€Å"God commands justice and doing good and giving to relatives. And He forbids indecency and doing wrong and tyranny. He warns you so that hopefully you will pay heed.† (Quran, 16:90) The holy book of Islam religion Qur’an condemns terrorism as a plan to cast evil on others. In fact it aims to bring peace and security to the entire world which gives quite an evidence that terrorism is politically motivated and not a religious movement. (Yahya, Harun). If under the shadow of religion, such evils are taking place, it invites punishments of any sort as terrorists include fascists, communists, racists or radical political groups. â€Å"While countries like America often became the target of attacks by racist and marginal terrorist groups, the European countries have been center stage for violent acts carried out by terrorist groups. The nature of terrorism changes with changing world conditions and increases its impact and power with the new means made possible by developing technology. In particular, mass communication tools such as the Internet extend the scope and influence of the terrorist activities considerably†. (Yahya, Harun) War against terror ( our world today) The war against terror for five years, has left behind achievements and made the situation lachrymose   which will be overlooked with a view of international law of justice for human rights.   The motive of war on terror was in right direction, true motives at the expense to strike the enemy. Every part of the world, witnessed insecurity, chaos and fear and still continue to face problems of terror of bombings.   Ã‚  The ideologies of extremists are all radical based agendas and most of these terrorists are western based Islam radicals who work on finances funded by major networks which is in turn supported by Islam countries. Key To World Peace World leaders summit in 2005, pledged all terrorists activities will be made weaker through the powerful Nuclear Terrorism Convention and encouraged the participation of all States to cooperate and act on â€Å"timely and decisive manner† on war crimes. Leaders of Jordan, Republic of Moldova, Indonesia, Kyrgzstan, Paraguay, UAE, Bahrain and foreign ministers of several other countries have opined on global terrorism and the remedies to prevent future war crimes. The slogan of â€Å"larger freedom† and strengthening the world body United Nations to speed up the activities of Agenda with appropriate relevance, effictiveness on hot issues that are threatening the peace of world. UN Secretary General stated that expansion of Security Council is essential in terms of   United Nations transparency which is explained as â€Å"continuing our efforts to achieve a decision to this end and request the General Assembly to review progress on reform by the end of 2005†.   Several world leaders stated [Poland, Panama] that an international cooperation, identification of root causes for war crimes. inter exchange of views and empowerment of military power are some of the effective measures to eradicate violent radical terrorists. Secretary General stated that .   Ã¢â‚¬Å"We have allowed posturing to get in the way of results†, he said in his opening address to the Summit.   Ã¢â‚¬Å"This is inexcusable.   Weapons of mass destruction pose a grave danger to us all we must pick up the pieces in order to renew negotiations on this vital issue.† What are the gateways to eradicate terrorism? An order of democracy around the world, where human rights are protected counting the   life of every individual as valuable and a right to live with freedom and not by fear. Undertake poverty, hunger, epidemics as a hot issues and launch a long-term programme for bringing health awareness among downtrodden in those countries where an act of help is required. Rehabilitation centers to motivate on cultural, social and ethical status of people of all racists irrespective of caste, creed or religion.   Protection of human rights on democratic principles as a priority and work on the principle alone and lay a foundation for strong democratic society,   at least for future generations and a vivid picture and effects of   negative forces. African Development Bank, WTO negotiations on removal of subsidies and find solutions for development of Millennium Goals apart from protecting workers rights and human rights. The summit also discussed that the terrorist networks continue to lay plots and have been attacking Europe, Africa, Middle East, Central Asia and Far East after 9/11/2001, and future plots to crash passenger airlines. Conclusively, the world is divided geographically into two parts. Primary being western countries [US, Europe, Australia] and the secondary being Muslim countries [Iran, Iraq, UAE, Saudi Arabia etc.,] An internal terrorist law can be promulgated which slashes activities within a particular nation i.e. supply of arms, ammunitions, weapons or bio-terrorism by the witness of court of law by tightening the civilian life style through the medium of democratic law and order. This measure also makes terrorists to pass through difficult stages to make the very entrance into other nation with arms by air, road or water. Conclusion According to the opinions of several political leaders around the world, present view is considered as a fact that, certainly war is not a solution for terrorism. As proved by civil war in Iraq, there was only financial loss leaving a sad state of affairs that are now are recorded as a part of history in terrorism. Contradictorily, the hour and emergency of need after post 9/11 attacks were to find and destroy WMD without which, the situation would have been more infuriating and most probably, terrorists would target millions of civilians around the world, if the networks have not been crashed.   Therefore, there are views that military solution to some extent is appropriate to bring restore law and order. However in long-term perspective laying a strong foundation through the medium of legal enforcements, public awareness, securitisation of major cities and international cooperation are some of the effective measures   to prevent terrorist attacks. No other country, other than U.S could have performed a better coalition operation in spite of several military losses and economic losses, it continued its aggressive efforts to weaken prominent networks of terrorists and all the sources of activities and finances. The work and efforts of U.S is praiseworthy and it did leave a deep impact on the nation itself that U.S will be alert on every ground for the future times. Solutions to terrorism A terrorist always leaves a message through an attack to the targeted. An analysis of solution certainly is the source of a problem.   It is an uphill task to caution nations against attacks every now and then.   A long-term strategical plan keeping in view the international court of law and justice, human rights and United Nations have to be laid against prevention of barbaric acts of radicals. References What is terrorism Accessed 20 December, 2006   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   General Assembly Accessed 20 December, 2006 World Leaders pledge wide-range steps on poverty, terrorism, human rights, UN Reform as 2005 summit concludes in New York.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚ (4)The solution to the terrorism problem, Terrorists: its what the big army calls the   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   little army. Accessed 20 December, 2006 Books (5) Wohlstetter, Albert J (1958) The Delicate Balance of Terror Accessed 20 December, 2006

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Metaphysics, Epistemology and George Orwells Nineteen Eighty-Four (198

Metaphysics, Epistemology and Orwell's 1984 Since the beginning of recorded time, philosophers have pondered questions of metaphysics (what exists, what is real) and epistemology (how we know what exists and is real, our proof). However in George Orwell's 1984, the need to answer these questions no longer exists for the majority, as the ruling party has created a new reality for its citizens, one in which what is real and what truly exists cannot be questioned. But on the flip side, the protagonist of 1984, Winston Smith, finds himself constantly searching for what is real in his life, and in a larger sense, in the society and world that surrounds him. In its simplest terms, metaphysics can be seen as a question of what it is that we know to be real, what truly exists. In a deeper sense, as defined by Aristotle, metaphysics attempts to understand the fundamental nature of all reality. Closely related to metaphysics is epistemology. Epistemology looks to define what knowledge is, how it is obtained, and what it is that makes anything knowledge at all. It serves to establish proof, a warrant for what we consider to be real, thus validating our knowledge of our own reality. Within 1984, Orwell, or rather "The Party" has created Big Brother, a larger-than-life character known to all citizens, uniting and influencing all of Oceania. To the citizens of Oceania, there is no question that Big Brother does not exist. To them Big Brother is real, he exists in the flesh just as the rest of the citizens of the nation. Almost no one entertains the proposition that he is merely a character, created to enforce party agendas and goals. His face appears in movies, on posters; he is virtually everywhere. Citizens are ... ...are being told. They will never know if what they are being told is the truth and will never distinguish between what is actually true and what is just mindless babble and propaganda. Works Cited Anderson, Alan. "Metaphysics: Multiple Meanings." April 14, 2000. May 31, 2000. Floyd, Nathan T. "Rhetoric & Epistemology." November 29, 1995. May 31, 2000. Khoury, Jonathan A. "1984 in 1996: How Orwell's 1949 Classic Describes our Government." May 31, 2000. Orwell, George. 1984. New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Inc., 1949. Hyperlinks metaphysics epistemology 1984

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UOB Bank Advertisement

UOB Lady’s Card -â€Å"The men don’t get it† 1. 0 Introduction of the Company United Overseas Bank Limited (UOB) is a leading bank in Asia. It provides a wide range of financial services through its global network of over 500 offices in 19 countries and territories in Asia Pacific, Western Europe and North America, including banking subsidiaries in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and mainland China.UOB (Malaysia) offers an extensive range of commercial and personal financial services through its branches, subsidiaries and associate companies: commercial lending, investment banking, treasury services, trade services, cash management, home loans, credit cards, wealth management, general insurance and life assurance. UOB also plays an active role in the community, focusing on children, education and the arts. UOB has been established the annual UOB Heartbeat Run to raise funds for charity.Today, UOB is rated among the world’s top banks by Moodyâ€⠄¢s Investors Service, receiving B for financial strength, and AA1 and Prime-1 for long-term and short-term bank deposits respectively. UOB is proud to be the first to unveil the revamped UOB Lady’s Card in Malaysia. Besides sporting a new card face, the purpose of the advertisement shows that UOB Lady’s Card is staying relevant to the needs of modern women with new features.It is the first in the market to develop a mobile phone application, â€Å"Lady’s Soulmate† dedicated to ladies, which helps card members access privileges through Google maps and a directional guide based on AR technology. Consumers can download the Lady's Soulmate application from the Android Marketplace to compatible mobile phones. It will also be progressively made available on Apple App Store, Ovi Store by Nokia and Blackberry App World. The ad clearly show that the UOB Lady's Soulmate application marks a new era for the UOB Lady's Card, as it remains in touch with the progress o f women nd technology. The advertisement does show its effectiveness as the card was already available in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, has a current membership of over 500,000. The advertisement expected to attract more than 500,000 new lady users. The company claims that the UOB Lady’s Card is targeted to more than double by 2014, driving the continued growth of the bank’s card business in the region. 2. 0 Discussion of the Advertisement 2. 1 Target Market The revamped UOB Lady’s Card placed a strong emphasis on health, beauty, fashion, connectivity and discovery.This make over of the UOB Lady’s Card is timely as a group same gender consumers seek to strengthen the brand promised to valued card members. The ad targets young adult women, and they will buy products not only for them but to show their financial health in their lives. We acknowledge that today’s women are more independent financially, assertive in their choices, mobile and techno logy savvy to stay â€Å"connected†. The reason for the advertiser to choose this market segment is because female young adults may look for the requirement as stated before. 3. 0 Advertisement SourceThe ad focuses on two trendy lady’s high profile, smiling with full of satisfaction, public may easily attract by them who emotionally aroused. The two ladies show in an appropriate way to market the company’s credit card as they are looking relax and rejoice, their face expression and body language prompt the desire of women to obtain the credit card. It also shows that they are able to keep constant contact with privileges and deals via smartphone, the women looked grateful to get the information from their mobiles. Technology on tap is but one of the many benefits available to Lady’s Card members.The new UOB Lady’s Card proposition centres around providing a total financial and lifestyle solution which complements the modern woman who is constantly on the move from connectivity, discovery, fashion and money matters. 3. 1 Visual and Verbal Content Basically the kind of visual image used in ad is photographs. There is a few images show in different ways. The rectangular picture with blank background is composite â€Å"paste-up† of several images from various sources used, whereas the whole image of two ladies adopts â€Å"superimposed† over each other. The others small images place near to the related information.The roses for both types of credit cards seem to stand for women product. The corporate logos included in the design of credit card, the consumer already familiar with the logo. The car and branded stuffs symbolize exclusivity or luxury, visually depicted the financial strength for the group of target market they can have. From the ad, we can see that two young women wearing high heels with an eye catching smile. The clothes and adornments they are wearing look striking as they walk in confidence, simply r elated to self egoism. It seems like two best friends sharing the same privileges and deals from the credit card.The image shows their legs walk together depicted they shopping together, which also shows young women concern about social need. Many women become more financially independent and career orientated. The body language of the models in the ad seem like they don’t have financial worry. Although there are often claims of gender bias and the results have showed that women in general will have a much more impulsive buying behavior than that of their male counterpart. Through this natural disposition it will often hinder them from being able to ever becoming an efficient money saver.Thus, those offer deals in the ad may attract their attention. 3. 2 Semiotic Analysis It has bold print stating â€Å"If we had our way, it would be Wednesday everyday† and smaller print that promotes the offers of the credit card and targets women to purchase the related product and s ervice especially on Wednesday. The ad is implying that women in society now can take care of their financial, yet still targets them to purchase more by using the credit card. At the core of the UOB Lady’s Card popularity is the endearing philosophy of this female-only product, â€Å"The Men Don’t Get It. More than just a signature tagline, it is an acknowledgement of the financial strength and independence of women, and the freedom of choice that is available to them. Now, underpinned by technology and refreshed with a host of new privileges, the company seemed like confident that the Lady’s Card will continue to be preferred, extending their leadership in the female space, I would find this advertisement particularly interesting because it is promoting friendship, financial solidity, health and beauty standards in our society, women's roles as consumers which afford to pay and the graphics of the ad focuses on.It is promoting credit card that only for female , which have previously been viewed as women's products and it will also influences women to buy these products on men's behalf. The two models are wearing striking outfits and expensive adornments. This influence perpetuates the sociological role of women in society as financial takers, as well as encouraging them being active in caring about their appearance and their need to use health and beauty products. This ad clearly promotes the credit card which special designed only for female, that’s why the word stated there the men don’t get it†.The roses symbolized that the only attention of the company focus on the specific needs of women. They have taken a 360-degree approach in the Lady's Card makeover, leveraging our insights into women over the years and research around the region. 3. 3 Layout and Design The headline shows in an appropriate way to has three-quarters up the page or advertisement space. The advertiser position headline statement where it can be seen quickest, this can make sure the reader generally know what is all about.They avoid putting headlines at the very top of the space because the reader’s eye is naturally drawn to between two-thirds and three-quarters up the page or space, which is where the main benefit statement needs to be. The advertisement involves the reader in writing style of using the second and third person-‘you’ and ‘she’. Refer to the reader as ‘you' and ‘she’ in the description of the ad does for the customer to get them visualizing their own personal involvement. The advertiser describes the service as it affects them in a way that they will easily relate to it.This advertising can be defined as using â€Å"cool† tones. It is often referred to as a ‘Black Art', because it is mysterious but cheerful. 4. 0 Publication The advertiser has chosen the two most common print media are newspapers and magazines. Print media is important because it can reach such a large audience, and the great number of specialized publications enables businesses to focus in on a target audience with a specific set of characteristics. The advertiser picks the right time as the Malaysia Mega Sales start from July until September 2010. The consumers can use their Lady’s Card for exclusive privileges.NEWSPAPERS When deciding upon a newspaper in which to advertise, there are three physical criteria to consider: distribution, size, and audience. Newspapers are either daily or weekly, come in a standard or tabloid size, and reach nearly all of the reading public, which is estimated to be around 85-90 percent of the population. Because of the broad demographic reach of most newspapers it is difficult to target a specific audience; however, newspapers are effective in increasing awareness of a business' products and services in a specific geographical area.Types of ads placed in newspapers include: display ads, classified ads, public notes, and preprinted inserts. Newspaper ads have some flexibility in their size. For instance, the UOB ad only takes up half portion of a page, while others might span one or two full pages. Regardless of this flexibility, newspaper ads can only use limited special effects, such as font size and color. These limitations lead to advertising â€Å"clutter† in newspapers because all the ads look very similar. Therefore, advertisers must use original copy and headings to differentiate their ads from their competitors.This is why the advertiser show theirl exclusive shopping, dining and beauty privileges, and the latest technology, a mobile phone application called â€Å"Lady's Soulmate†. MAGAZINES With magazines an advertiser can focus in on a specific target audience. Audiences can be reached by placing ads in magazines which have well-defined geographic, demographic, or lifestyle focus. The advertiser has placing the ad in the localized edition of a national magazine. In addi tion to the above factors, it is also important to consider the nature of the magazine ad copy.Magazines allow elaborate graphics and colors, which give advertisers more creative options than do newspapers. Also, recent surveys have indicated that informative ads are the most persuasive. Therefore, it is important to include copy and art work that is direct and presents important product information to the consumer, such as how the product works, how it benefits the consumer, and where it can be purchased. Besides The Star, it also can be found in female magazine such as New Tide, July 2010.Those magazines are targeted towards young adult women interested in beauty, fashion and relationships. This advertisement is promoting both UOB Lady’s Classic and UOB Lady’s Platinum cards for women. 5. 0 Hierarchy Model Response The AIDA Model Attention The feature followed by ad agencies is AIDA, which acronym stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. The first A equals getting the attention of the readers. The ad in the form of a headline-â€Å"Wednesday every day’’ has grab the attention as it perks the curiosity of readers.The images of the credit cards with the symbol pertain to the company introductory paragraph. The advertiser gets the attention of consumer immediately by using the Wednesday special offer deals; therefore readers will read the rest of the articles. The advertiser is generating an emotion, women walking in confidence with big smile and setting up a situation. UOB (Malaysia) became the first foreign bank to recognize the affluent female segment in Malaysia when it launched the UOB Lady's Card. The ad plays with fear and greed for a moment.These two emotions combined as a key because almost every women would be Interested and has a certain amount of greed (possess everything that they want) and also has fear (questioning what if they missed the chance to get all the great offer deals). The advertiser didn’t use the headline to play the biggest benefit. They choose to appear that not only true but also in an exclusive way. The ad plays on emotions in their headline; the two models address happiness and satisfaction, pump up their egos or show the luxury and branded items. The advertiser chooses the middle part to present the benefits in aspect of the credit card service.The readers may pay more attention on the â€Å"FREE† word which showed in the subhead lines. Interest After the advertiser got the consumer’s attention, they focus on building their interest and supporting what the ad told them thus far. The advertiser makes the reader really want the card but have to start a twinge of reality. Consumers may compare the benefits they offered with the competitors. The newly developed mobile application-â€Å"UOB Lady’s Soulmate App† based on AR technology, female young adults which consider as tech-savvy group may show their interest in the ads.Another way is that the advertiser building interest to include sub headlines throughout the copy. The readers will be more interest when there are a lot of offers with the â€Å"Cash Back† or ‘FREE† words on the sub headlines. Next, the reader embarks on the ever-challenging task of justifying her purchase; especially she wants to do a large purchase. In consumer’s interest section, the ad uses emotion to address the fact that this purchase is a good bargain, the right step, a sound decision, etc. In addition to that, the advertiser let the customer know what will happen if consumer purchase their service.This can be found in â€Å"With it in the bag, every lady gets what she wants, when she wants it†. Depending on this ad, the negative result might be the fact that she misses all those grand offers from the product service. She will have to struggle to get all the same stuffs but in more expensive price or other consequences without the credit card. â€Å"If we had our way, it would be Wednesday every day’’, implies that the consumers can enjoy spending every Wednesday. The goal here is to create a few statements that will cause the customer to say, Oh! I didn’t think of that.Desire The third step in AIDA indicates the desire to buy. This section is really turns on the charm. The ad is written to tug on the heartstrings in order to create that final desire to buy. Perhaps the biggest benefit of the ad is they can get â€Å"FREE Coach Bags & Accessories Every Day†. By using the â€Å"UOB Lady’s Soulmate App†, the interactive application is able to display the latest deals and offers within a 2km range of the card member's location and also contains a personal assistant feature to help connect members with people who are important to them.Customers will have all the information they need right at their fingertips. The advertisement turns deep down inside their consumer to have two desires. The first is the desire to use the convenience of connection that not just technology. The second is the desire to obtain more things and the most common reason is to get a free branded items. The 2010 Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival sweeps the nation up in a frenzied shopping fervor! This is the best time to pump them up and get them excited about the credit card service. They have not yet come to the justification stage where price might play a factor.While always, from the aspect of desire, the ad portrays the best and biggest benefits their customers will receive. It speaks to the joys of being able to relax and run an errand in the whole range of bargains of, the sub headlines of the article indicates that the customer can experience from restaurants, spas, facial service while doing their shopping of the day. Action The final A in AIDA stands for action. During the action phase of convincing, the ad gives them enough motivational cause to take action and buy. At the moment get to this poin t, the customers should have all the information they need.The company as the seller will have walked them through each step of the buying process and emotional journey to the point of purchase. A few ways to create action with the copy are: â€Å"Apply now and get 20 entries for your first minimum RM50 swipe within 30 days from your new card approval†, â€Å"the more you swipe, the better your chances! † The advertisement motivate the readers look forward to get better deals on that special day, which can be found in â€Å"Wednesday are simply wonderful when you have the new UOB Lady’s Card. † The point of the action phase is to get the readers moving. The advertisement ade them drool with the exclusive deals, answered all their questions via Dedicated Customer Service Line, filled them with benefit and the company don’t want to lose them at the end. 6. 0 Overall Opinion In personal view, the main message of this advertisement is prominent. The bi ggest part of the advert is the main benefit statement. This is the part that entices the reader to read on. The ad offers a single impressive benefit, quickly and simply. Research proves that where responses are required, the best adverts are those which offer an impressive, relevant benefit to the reader.This point cannot be stressed enough; the advertiser keep it quick, simple and to the point. More information has stated bottom of the ad, reader who wants to know more detail can read through there. Younger generations are extremely visually literate. The advertiser had thought about the vocabulary and language to use and clearly know their target audience. The ad has avoided any words or grammar that would not be found in the newspaper that the target group would read. Therefore message can be read in quick and easy to absorb. The ad has use a clear layout, clear fonts and clear language.They don’t distract the reader from the text by overlaying images or using fancy font s. They use simple language, avoid complicated words, and keep enough space around the text to attract attention to it. The advertiser also avoids cluttering the advert with fancy images, colours and backgrounds, which make it easy to read. The advertisement has incorporated something new. The Consumers can download the Lady's Soulmate application to compatible mobile phones. The ad clearly show that the UOB Lady's Soulmate application marks a new era for the UOB Lady's Card, as it remains in touch with the progress of women and technology.Consumers respond better and are more easily attracted initially to a concept that is new or original. If they've heard or seen it all before it will be no surprise that they take no notice at all. The advertisement induces reader to believe there's something in it for them right from the start. The advertiser has developed a proposition that is special or unique and emphasizes this. The revamped UOB Lady's Card also comes with a new card face for both UOB Lady's Classic and UOB Lady's Platinum cards. UOB Malaysia is the first foreign bank to recognize the affluent female segment in Malaysia when it launched the new UOB Lady's Card.The ad also states that they provide Wallet Guard coverage and Purchase Protection Plan for the purchases which make their service special. The Advertising Standards Authority or equivalent would prevent the advertiser from making overly extravagant claims anyway, but they still attempt to make their offer seem perfectly credible. 7. 0 Recommendations From the advertisement, the readers might feel the card only available in exclusive world as the car stands for luxury. Not all but some of the readers might feel that the exclusivity rewards, and special treatment reserved for a special few, not for them.The website or service line should explain further to those customers that misleading by the pictures. They can emphasize on the protection plan to place themselves a credible image. The words-† The men don’t get it† didn’t stated clearly that whether the male readers can apply this credit card for the lady. For male readers, they may think they can use this card without the offers which women interested at. The conditions should write clear, not that small which stated in the advertisement. I am not sure that buying branded items necessarily causes happiness to a woman.But many of them tend to believe the advertising; they may feel a let-down when their existing card does not bring the desired partner or other increase in status. When they have such expectation, buying a branded item would be necessarily, make them feel happy. More insidious is the indirect effect, namely that they have to work hard and go into debt to buy all this stuff. That, in my opinion, the debt hidden behind is what makes people unhappy. The company should come out a proper financial plan and clarify to the consumer before the consumer purchase their services.

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If You Tour The Marin County Civic Center, They Will Tell

If you tour the Marin County Civic Center, they will tell you stories of architecture and Wright, of county supervisors and fairgrounds, of famed locals and proud histories; they will not, however, offer you the story of the revolutionary moment that called the Civic Center its beginning. On August 7, 1970, 17-year-old Jonathan Jackson launched an armed attack at the courthouse to demand the release of his brother George – a political activist who violently fought the white supremacist structures of the penal system – from San Quentin, the high-security prison on the San Francisco Bay. That mission failed, losing Jonathan his life, and leaving behind lengthy consequences for his alleged accomplice, the radical former UCLA professor Angela†¦show more content†¦In one such sentence, explaining the importance of dangers of Blackness in America, he says, â€Å"There is always, of course, more to any picture than can speedily be perceived and in all of this— groaning and moaning, watching, calculating, clowning, surviving, and outwitting, some tremendous strength was nevertheless being forged, which is part of our legacy today.† This level of writing, with its elements of poesy and intellectualism, seems to be an appeal to educated audiences, particularly white moderates, who might have read this letter because of Baldwin’s fame as an author. But Baldwin addresses, just as clearly, the dissatisfied-yet-complacent Black people who disavowed the stigmatized violence of Black radicalism, and rhetorically places them in agreement with him, explaining, â€Å"We know that we, the Blacks, and not only we, the blacks, have been, and are, the victims of a system whose only fuel is greed, whose only god is profit.† This sentence reads, to a white audience, as a representation of Baldwin and Davis, but to a Black audience as a statement that includes the reader, thus manipulating the open letter format to bring that reader into radicalism through a fear of and discomfort with systemic injustice. In case that fear of the present would not suffice, Baldwin references pertinent historical